Saturday, April 15, 2006

Take 2

Here is my first set.

1. Connect the two sets of images. The images in the first row are the first set and in the second are the other.

2. Who/What has been given the sobriquet The Walking Snake Pit by its creators?

3. What was the name of the lager produced by the Guinness brewery?

4. The junction of the River Soar and the River Wreake in Leicestershire, England has what special sanctioned use?

5. Had to have The Beatles and Soccer in the set. So decided to club them together. Give me the connect. Pretty Straightforward.

Please post the answers in rot13 format. Happy Quizzing!!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Quiz 1

This is the first of the series of "Head Rush" . I will be posting 5 questions each time . All questions will be sitters and basically fun. So without much nonsense let's get started.
Leave your answers in the comments. And i assume you attempt for the fun of it and so i didn't remove the tags of the pics. Tags will give away the answers..

1.Identify this guy or should i say Gay..


2.Nice picture here.Identify this famous advertising Campaign.


3. Identify that blanked out region(in white). Clue: African California.


4.What are you looking at? Clue : Sitter of all sitters. Don't "over-intellectualise"


5.Direct question- "12 Angry men " in english. What is it in Hindi??